In Kemijärvi, art and culture are included in the experiences provided all year round. The Kemijärvi Midnight Sun summer music festival brings together a renowned line-up of performers.
    The old courtyard of the prestigious Puusteli exhibits of a comprehensive sample of the sculptures of the famous international sculpture events known as Kemijärvi Wood-sculpting Week. Artist Residence, one of the largest artist guest houses in Finland.


    The natural attractions of Kemijärvi offer variety to lovers of Lapland's nature. The Kemijärvi cultural landscape consists of many hills standing close together, covered in pine forest, as well as waterways and marshland between them. Especially in the north, fells come into view in the background of the landscape. Our region has also lots of reindeers wandering !


    A total of 28 small and idyllic villages line the shores of the bodies of water in the Kemijärvi region. The small and charming villages are full of stunning natural attractions and historical landscapes where people have lived since the Stone Age. Also hosting various events such as Kemijärvi Day, Old Machinery Day "Papatuspäivät", Soppelan Rantakalajuhla fishing event. You can now experience colourful village lige through stories told by a local storyteller, on-site or digitally.


    Summers are wonderful for paddle boards, hiking, canoeing, rowing boat or just swimming in our many rivers and lakes. In the winters there are many exiting choices from a snowshoe trek, snowmobiling, to speedy ice carting or the ecstasy of speed in a sleigh pulled by huskies.


    Would you like to splash in the heated pools of a spa or go ice swimming, which improves circulation, in the winter? Take the journey to your inner self in the heart of Kemijärvi's natural serenity. Water is the Earth's oldest lotion - the shores, hills and fell highlands beckon you to revitalise mind and the body.


Those looking for peace and quality of life will find a counterweight to the increasingly rapid rhythm of life today. Nature is always near in the town surrounded by forests and fells. Water dominates the town in its many forms. In the summer, the waves glimmer… In the winter, snow and ice make the landscape lighter and more spacious.

The nature of Kemijärvi means rugged mountains, the silence of the wilderness, lakes that go as far as the eye can see, rivers with their rapids, streams, lush forests and groves…

In addition to beautiful nature, Kemijärvi also has a rich history and culture. Water has attracted people to live in Kemijärvi since the Stone Age. The Luusua village in Kemijärvi has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In addition, an ancient settlement from the late Middle Ages and old Sami settlements have been discovered in the Soppela village of Kemijärvi.. Visit the Ämmänvaaara nature trail, an old sacred site of the Sami people…

150th Anniversary

Cultural Capital of Lapland

We are at the Arctic Circle in the Finnish Lapland

Coordinates: 66° 43′ 0″ N, 27° 26′ 0″ E

CLose to

• 2 international airports: Rovaniemi and Kuusamo
• 5 major ski centers : Suomu, Salla, Ruka, Pyhä and Luosto
• Direct Santa Claus Express train connection from Helsinki via Rovaniemi passing though unique wilderness landscape, also car-carrier trains available

Gateway to 4 main National Parks


Of course in our region we have all the great Lappish activities available such as husky rides, snowmobile rides, biking, SUPs, disk and frisbee golf course, fishing-even ice fishing, ice skating rings, hiking, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, canoeing, horseback riding with traditional Finnhorses, excellent spots for rare bird and wildlife watching… But a reindeer herding event or rowing in an ancient church boat are experiences to remember!


We have accommodation choices from a cozy home stay, camping site, tourist class hotel to gorgeous first class mountain resort and cottage, and one can move around easily in snow mobile, reindeer sleight, coach, boats, bike, ferry, train and even in a helicopter if needed !
Our various restaurants offers high class meals using mostly local pure and organic ingredients.
We also love shopping and we like to share our personal secrets with you: having all the supermarkets and lots of small cute speciality shops, we have 4 great second has stores which are even more proof of our deep commitment for sustainability !


Other municipalities to explore :

Come and explore the untouched nature in the oldest National Park, the Pyhä-Luoston national park, and visit the unique Lampivaara Amethyst mine…
https://www.pyha.fi/en       https://www.luosto.fi/en

The original birth place and a secret mountain home of Santa’s workshop is at Fell Korvatunturi and entry to Urho Kekkonen National Park which is one of Finland’s largest protected areas…

A gateway to the newest National Park and perfect place to experience reindeers close by at Salla Wilderness Park:

Visit Riisitunturi, one of the most scenic National park, Korouoma Canyon for ice climbing and Pentik, a word renowned Finnish design studio museum…


The perfect central location of Kemijärvi gives you an easy access to various experiences in the near by region. Just to mentioned few of them:

Ranua Wildlife park is the home of over 50 arctic animal species and 200 individual animals. The animals live in spacious enclosures in the middle of forest. There you also have an opportunity to experience environmental art year-round.

Santa Claus Village and Santa Claus Park
Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa Claus and cross the magical Arctic Circle.

Santa Claus Park, an indoor amusement park In Rovaniemi, join a merry Elves on an journey to heart of Christmas.

This international festival takes place in Sodankylä and was founded in 1986 by Finnish filmmakers, e.g. the Kaurismäki brothers, and the Municipality of Sodankylä.
→ www.msfilmfestival.fi

This is home for the only international museum in the World displaying past and present of gold panning and prospecting.
→ www.kultamuseo.fi

These Sámi cultural highlights are located in the town of Inari, Sámi Homeland so much further in distance but worth of a long full day journey:

The Sámi Parliament of Finland
→ www.samediggi.fi

The Sámi Parliament of Finland
→ www.samediggi.fi

The Sámi Museum and Natural Centre Siida
→ www.siida.fi


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For more information, please contact Kemijärven Tourist Information


Kemijärvi – the Northernmost town in Finland is easy to reach by train, bus, air or car.

By Train

Finnish railroads are operated by state company VR. On a night train You can travel in comfort between the south and the north of Finland. Travel on night trains in a seat or in a sleeping compartment. You can also transport your car and continue your trip well rested.

By Bus

There are bus connections to Kemijärvi across the country. The central timetable system maintained by Matkahuolto contains timetable information on 40,000 bus routes operated by over 400 private operators in Finland.

By Air

Two airports are only a little over an hour’s drive away from Kemijärvi. These two airports are Rovaniemi and Kuusamo.

By Car

You can continue your journey from Airport with a rental car. The most convenient way to check the terms and conditions as well as the contact information of each car rental provider is to visit their website.




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